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- To provide  superior security  services to clients for the protection of their valuable assets, people and proprietary information.
- We  will  achieve  our  mission   through  an  organization  which responds to clients expectations with the highest standards of professional integrity, expertise and dedication. We apply industries best approaches in  developing, implementing  and  maintaining security policies and procedures; provide  investigative  response where needed and leadership in evacuation and resolution of any deviation.

- We  will  proactively  seek  out   security   risk  areas  for  the  clients  and  provide  expertise  in effectively  managing  these  areas, we  will  serve  as   a  valuable  resource  to  our  clients, by developing a balance approach between good security protection and business priorities.

- Through  the  successful  pursuit of our commitment, loss  to  our client, through security related vulnerabilities will expectedly be significantly minimized.

- Our  security   is   characterized   by professional competence, personal integrity and state of the art  services  in  security  management  and  services  conceptualized  and  implemented  by our personnel  through  intensive  pre-security  surveys and inspections, risk analysis and continuous threat  evaluation  based on  the  past, current and future tactical and strategic environment at a  cost both advantageous to our clients and our agency.

- Guards  are trained  to cope not only on the regular daily routines of security lives and properties but  also  on  the  more  complicated  matters  of security like uncovering clandestine operations, syndicated  crimes, conduct  of  security  audit and assets inventory, the use of modern gadgets, prevention  of  industrial  sabotage or espionage and the promotion of public safety. Our trainers and consultants are professional security and experienced public safety and AFP/PNP officers.


To be the leading and foremost security agency in the country characterized by high standard security service, trustworthiness, professionalism, commitment and dedication to client.